Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday!

My daughter turned 5 today! Where does the time go? We had a pretty busy day starting off with oatmeal with sprinkles, with a candle and a Happy Birthday song. Next was lunch, chicken casserole and rice, with a candle and a Happy Birthday song. Then after my husband got home we headed to McDonald's (Riley's choice) and followed it with cupcakes, with candles, a Happy Birthday song and presents. She's really into Barbie now and she got a Barbie house. I'm so excited about her really getting into Barbie, I think I played with Barbie until I was 12. I'm looking forward to many hours of playing and dressing and redressing Barbie, Ken, and all their friends. The only downfall to the Barbie house was the 50 bazillion stickers, ok it was only 51, but still, that's a lot of stickers! Happy Birthday Riley!

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